Raptor Tour Stop

The Raptor Foundation brings a hands-on learning experience to schools on a Raptor Tour stop. Students learn about raptor’s habitat, raptor conservation and preservation, and raptor rehabilitation. A wildlife Biologist from the Alabama Forestry Foundation discusses the importance of these birds of prey and the healthy timberlands the birds need to survive. The Alabama Forestry Association brings a local forestry professional from the school’s area to discuss how important forestry is to their area and forestry’s impact on our lives and the birds of prey. The professional also discusses career opportunities in forestry to encourage protecting and maintaining timberland for these birds. Local public officials host us at schools in their districts. They are invited to speak about the importance of forestry to them personally, and how birds of prey impact the world around us. They discuss their jobs and how their role in government affects timberland which the habitat for the birds. Auburn University’s Raptor Center brings many birds of prey, such as the famous Auburn mascot to schools for students to experience just feet away from their seats. The educational presentation lasts about 45 minutes. There are plenty of opportunities for students to ask questions about the raptors, wildlife ecology, forestry, and timberland management. These birds of prey represent one of the highest orders of predators in America. We want to inspire the young students of today and the leaders of tomorrow to take preservation seriously. We want to be able to share these fascinating birds with future generations.  If you believe in our cause and want to see the Raptor Foundation flourish, we will gladly accept donations. The Raptor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and survives off donations and grants made by our supporters. Help us keep these proud birds safe and in the skies for years to come by donating today.