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One of the best ways we believe to accomplish our goal is by introducing young students to these birds of prey in hopes we establish an interest in preserving the birds and their habitats. The Southeast has an incredibly rich biodiversity that is not seen anywhere else in the nation. We want to nurture this resource and make it more accessible to help inspire leaders of tomorrow to continue preservation. The Raptor Foundation, in partnership with Auburn University’s Southeastern Raptor Center and the Alabama Forestry Foundation, have developed an educational event that allows students to engage with raptors like eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, and vultures up close. The Southeastern Raptor Center is always on hand to answer any questions the students may have. We can use our advocacy to lead children to consider careers in the sciences while simultaneously nurturing an appreciation for the Southeast’s natural wonders. The Foundation’s goal is to give the chance for students to get up close with raptors and hopefully will make students think more about the world around them, and want to understand how it all connects.


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